Platinum Makeup

by julz


Aberdeenshire Based Bridal Makeup Artist providing a luxury service across the North East of Scotland

Platinum for Brides

Based just outside Inverurie, in Aberdeenshire,  Julia has 7 years experience in various different genres of makeup; most significantly having worked with over 300 bridal parties both locally, nationally and abroad.  

Julia believes her signature look brings out each person’s beauty to the full potential, while still maintaining an elegant, timeless look.

Having initially trained in London, Julia has also trained to an advanced level in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles working with celebrity tutors incorporating both younger and more mature looks to meet requirements of clients of all ages. 


Business for Makeup Artists

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My Story

My interest in art began as a pre school 4 year old, when I drew people I knew.

I loved all subjects at school, but it was art and anything creative that I looked forward to the most. Age 11, I had one of my paintings displayed in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. At 14, I began collecting makeup, and remember being fascinated at the way I could transform myself. I finally felt confident and capable; like I had discovered me.

In 2011, I joined forces with a local photographer to offer makeup for photoshoots. In 2013, I then decided to take my sideline to the next level, and travelled to London to undertake industry training. Then in 2015 I travelled all the way to Hollywood, for some top level coaching and to push my limits to become the best I could be. 

Since then I have dedicated myself to bridal makeup, and worked with hundreds of beautiful brides over the years. I also offer private one to one tuition, small group and larger party lessons.

I also offer training with other makeup artists, helping them develop their skills to become the best they can be too. 



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