Jewel Cosmetics Complete Makeup Brush Set


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Introducing the most beautiful, premium quality brush set from Jewel Cosmetics. Each brush has been hand picked by Julia to complete a full makeup application, start to finish.

Makeup brushes are essential for creating a professional result so look no further with this gorgeous Vegan kit suitable for beginners as well as professionals.

Set contains

- All over face powder for setting brush
- Blusher brush
- Foundation Brush
- Contouring Cheekbone Brush
- Highlighting Fan Brush
- Nose contour angle shader
- Precision crease blender
- Pigment Press brush for lids
- Loose blender for smokey eyes
- Precision shader for creative eye looks or lower liner
- Smudger for lower liner blending
- Lip Brush
- Sharp Angle liner brush for brow strokes or eyeliner
- Fluffy brow brush

High quality aluminium ferrule and handle finished with ombre blush pink & white paint.

IMPORTANT: Take care of your brushes by ensuring that the ferrule or handle never gets wet when cleaning. Allowing water into the ferrule will weaken the brush and result in moulting. Ensure brushes are never left with product on the bristles, and wash after each use with Jewel Cosmetics Makeup brush & sponge cleaner. Never submerge an entire makeup brush in water, as the wood will swell and the paint will crack.

Store out of direct sunlight. Not suitable for children.