Jewel Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleaning Kits Christmas Scents 100g



Jewel cosmetics solid makeup brush cleaner in 5 beautiful festive scents! (Candy Cane and Spiced Orange out of stock)

Directions for use:

At the sink, run some warm water, soak brush head and gently rub. Use scrubbing pad in lid to remove all product, using fingers to take away excess. Then run cold water to rinse thoroughly. Ensure all soap is removed from bristles before drying.

Never pull bristles as this can cause moulting. Always clean brushes & makeup sponges after every use to prevent bacterial growth & staining, even if you only use yourself. Product left on brushes provides optimal breeding conditions for bacteria.

When finished dry off soap with a towel to prevent swelling. Store in cool dry conditions out of direct sunlight.