Jewel Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleaning Kit 20g

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Jewel Cosmetic Makeup Brush Cleaning Kit

• Cruelty Free
• Removes staining from even the most pigmented shadows
• Includes super effective soap, Scrubbing Pad & Container
• Fresh smelling fragrance
• Conditioning & Kind to brushes

Keeping your makeup brushes clean is extremely important for maintaining good hygiene, even if they are just for personal use.

A large percentage of women admit they don't clean their makeup brushes after use, which can lead to the breeding of bacteria and in turn results in spots. Clean brushes will always give you the best results with product too.

This product is brilliantly efficient with removing product, and restoring bristles to spotless condition.

Directions: Remove the scrubbing pad & drainer from the pot. Decant some warm water into a separate small container, and use a little to wet the brush. In circular movements, press the brush onto the soap, and lather til the product separates from the brush. Rinse the brush in the water, then pat dry with a cloth, towel or kitchen roll. Take care not to get the ferrule wet, or to pull the bristles when drying as this can damage the brush & cause moulting.

Leave brushes to dry, and rinse the soap under the tap to remove colour before next use.