Luxury Twin Pack Makeup Sponges


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Makeup sponges are an essential tool for creating a flawless, diffused base that stays in place all day.

Julia says: I absolutely swear by makeup sponges & never do a full face of makeup without them. They give a dewy, natural finish even with heavier coverages, and push the products into the skin meaning there's less chance of product sliding off.

While I find the larger egg sponges great for the face as a whole, I feel they are too bulky for getting round the eyes; so I created this pack of two including a mini sponge which is the perfect size for perfecting the eye area.

Many people complain about under eye creasing, so use the mini sponge to press on concealer, then powder to help with that - plus help makeup stay in place longer.

Directions: Wet sponge, and gently squeeze so no more water comes out. Sponge should be damp. Use sponge to apply foundation, or to go over after using a foundation brush. Also recommended for blending contour.

Always wash sponge after use to prevent bacterial growth. We recommend our brush & sponge cleaner (£9.99) also available.

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